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  Antenne-Guru W4RNL

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                Spiderbeam in storm postion

Spiderbeam at 15M hight



450 Ohm Feeder connection of the ZS6BKW-dipole

Extra band 80M via 870 pF at the end off the 450 Ohm open line


ZS6BKW-dipole under the spiderbeam


    HighGain Balun 1:1 met 2,5² spliced speaker-wire for the 30M Dipole


    30M-dipole at the top of the  spiderbeam met Ameritron 5-wayCoaxswitch

Schema's Automatische Coaxswitch

    Good SWR of the 30M-dipole at the top of the Spiderbeam

Automatic CoaxSwitch 

       Linear Loaded 40M Dipole for the Spiderbeam

    40M Linear Loaded dipole in the Spiderbeam


     SWR on the MiniVNA

    Frame for the linear loaded vertical  80M

The design of  KE4UYP

     PVC-construction on toppipe push-up mast

     Connection off  KWatt Balun, coax and wires

    Vertical on his place; first try


     SWR-vertical with MiniVNA: not anything to prune

SWR 1:1.2 on 3630 KHz

The 20m long air-radial of the vertical


   Radial 2M too long, so bend it 90 degrees

     The  23M long  linear loaded driven element


     Demontage off the spiderbeam

     Ready to say goodbye after 2,5 years


Pull-up mast waiting sad for a new antenna


    PVC-extension for the  40M Delta Loop

     PVC-Construction mounted with the screws of the rotator


  40M Delta Loop with the  nylonwire to shorten the loop (but this didn't work at all !!!

   Delta Loop feeding in the lowest corner via 1:4 Trafo and Balun


       The 30M Delta Loop is fed at the top via 1:1 Balun, 

and in the middle of the lowest leg a coil for 40M or a condensator for 20M


     Condensator for 20 M made of two wires


    30M en 17M Delta Loops are parallel fed mbv 100 Ohm coax


Multiband Delta Loop by DU1ANV

    The 1:2 Trafo en 1:1 Balun for the 17M Delta Loop


    At the front the 40M Delta Loop

The Balun in the  17M Delta Loop

The solution by lack of space:   Lineair Loading off the base off the

 40M Delta Loop


Lineair Loading at the base of the 40M Delta Loop

Is there enough space for more cables???


Panoramic view of my  antenna´s


New meteostation  on the roof

ZS6BKW-dipole again at the top of my mast


 Connection  coax to the  450 Ohm open line and coax-current-balun

Double straighten the the coax-connection



 Start of a new project designed by KE4UYP 06-11-2010 

The vertical Buddi Beam for 20M

Homepage KE4UYP



At 110205 I started a whole new project

I must share the garden with the XYL and

all the wire antennas where not a very nice nice look,

so I found this marvelous antenna with a small footprint

SteppIr 40 - 6M

That gives a neat a nice look all around !!

On the air 18-03-2011