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                                                                                                  Distributor SteppIR for the USA                     Distributor SteppIR for England  and Europ

                                                                                                                                                         Other Dutch SteppIr-Users:  PD9CN   PA9JO   


01 - Unpacking the SteppIr Kit

02 - Assembling the boom                  

03 - Steppermotors-wiring and bottomplate 

04 - First test off the SDA-100 Controller 

05 - Assembling some of the trustkit 

06 - Placing the motors on the boom

07 - Assembling the ERT and mastplate

08 - Assembling 25P con. & terminalblock 

09 - Motor-test with the SDA-100 

10 - Own terminalbox; 2nd motortest 

11 - Assembling & glueing CPVC-tubes 

12 - Assembling the glasfiber-poles 

13 - GFP's testing with QDB's 

14 - Connecting the trombones to the GFP's 

15 - Trustkit-rope assembling



16 - My trustkut with extra turnbuckles 

17 - Preparing the mast for the SteppIr 

18 - Testing SteppIr with miniVNA at groundlevel 

19 - Putting the SteppIr on the cranck-up mast 

20 - Testing SteppIr with miniVNA at 6M high 

21 - The SteppIr on 12 M high from different sides

22 - Testing SteppIr with miniVNA at 12M high 

23 - Stations I worked in one week with the SteppIr

24 - My friend the owl - keeping away the byrds from my SteppIr

25 - SteppIr in very strong winds secured to a wall 

26 - Ceramic - a very nice hobby of my XYL 

27 - Added a 6M passive element

28 -




When you like to control your SteppIr by your tranceiver

you need a S13 seriable-cable (link to the drawing)

but when you like to control your tranceiver & SteppIr

you need a Y-cable (link to the drawing)


Here is my one-cable-solution

A SteppIR Autocable-Switch



STEPPIR-Antenna-kit has arrived 05-02-2011


 SteppIr-Antenna ordered in december and arrived 05-02-2011 Part of the trombone, controlcable , (Q)uick (D)isconnect (Bo)ots  & trustkit
Trombones, Element Return Tubes, QDB's Bottomplate of (E)lement (H)ousing (U)nit & EHU-sealing 
New EHU: a first look inside Control Unit SDA 100; comes now with every New SteppIr
6 Element Support Tubes: 4 for the driven and  2 for the director elements Boom comes in 2 parts; also the CVPC-tubes  Back to Menu
Assembling the boom Use some grease for smooth sliding in each other

                                   Long bolt needs 5 washers under the head                       Back to Menu

The parts of the (E)lement (R)eturning (T)ube
The new EHu's has a cable-tray and a plug for the controlcable Both of the EHU's
The controlcable-plug and printconnector The EHU for the driver-element
The sealing and controlcable in place with COAX-seal Bottomplate secured with 2 screws with flat heads, the third need to be on 12 clock

                             EHU on the boom to see if the holes are matching                 Back to Menu

The CPVC-tubes with their diverter-cones
Backside of the SDA 100: antenna- radiocontrol- remotedriver- USBSofrwareupdate-plug Frontpanel of the SDA 100
The very 1st startup of the SDA 100: selftesting the software; antenna not connected Ready to connect the antenna

                                   Setup menu: to choose 40M and 6M-options                    Back to Menu

A nice duo: the FT-950 and SDA 100; Take some more weeks when they will work together


All the parts of the trust together Aluminium boomsaddles and turnbuckles
Closeup of the Boomsaddles

                                                              Closeup of the turnbuckles                                     Back to Menu

Is'nt a beauty the EHU inside ? Putting it all together: the EHU's on the boom
Don't overtighten the bolts !!! The driver-EHU secured on the boom
Director-EHU waiting for his place on the boom                                                 Well this more like a SteppIr                                        Back to Menu
The place for the ERT Lining out the ERT precisly with the Driver-EHU
The bottomside of the ERT-plate Mastplate between DrivEHU and ERT; with 6m place on the other side of the ERT
Looktrough of the mast U-bolts 2" Place mastplate at other side of ERT when you place a 6M passive element
All EHU's and ERT nice in line on the boom Another picture of the mastplate
The XYL's hobby and mine close together                    Waiting in the corner of my room for the next steps coming week   Back to Menu
Assembling the control-cable to the 25P-connector and terminal-block Connect the 12 wires to the 25P D-connector and the screen to a groundwire
Connect the 12 colored wires to the terminal-block using the wiringdiagram                       Test wire by wire for connection and shortout with a Ohm-meter          Back to Menu
Read the manual good, before using the "TEST MOTOR" option of the SDA100 All ready for the Motor-test: 25P D-connector not connected
Be sure the SDA 100-display shows this before connecting the 25P D-connector;  switch off Connect the 25P D-coonector . switch on and push "Setup" and scroll to "Test Motors"
Choose "D1"or "DVR" wich motor you will be testing Driver-copper is extending out for almost 10cm

                         Director-copper is extending out for almost 10cm                             Back to Menu

My replacement of the terminalblock-box
I modified a 16P terminal-block to fit precisly in the watertight box You need to place a 8mm flat washer on the U-bolts between the mastplate and box
Two 4mm holes at the left for the EHUcontrol cables,7mm hole at the right for controlcable Preparing the wires with soldering at the tips and crimping sleeves
EHU-controlcables connected; (screen in the middle) and with tieribs secured to the boom It can be easily removed, to loosen or tighten the nuts of the U-bolts for the mastplate
Connection-box closed and watertight 12P Controlcable connected; groundingwire at pin 6
25P D-Connector and groundwire connected under a extra nut SDA 100 in "Test Motor" menu
Driver coppertape extending from the EHU-tube

                               Director coppertape extending from the EHU-tube                     Back to Menu

CPVC-tubes ready to be glued in the couplers and divertercones SteppIr Antenna Systems The Best
Divertercone Glued the wrong (longest) into the divertercones
CPVC glued into the coupler I must cut-off the CPVC with a saw (how to get out that piece of CPVC ??) HELP ME !!!!
Thanks so much for all your help in the Yahoo-Group for the SteppIr
Collega Karel knows how to handle this problem With lots of patience and good tools it can be done
Almost finished to separate the CPVC from the divertercone There it is; a finishing touch and I can start it all over again, hi !!!
Always glue CPVC-connector first Please mark the shortest CPVC for divertercones
You can see the CPVC will fit in the GFP                         Divertercones now glued on the right CPVC hi hi        Back to Menu
The two loops tested for this moment Measureribbon and the GFP's
Aligned GFP's B4 assemblage Finally nice weather  to go further with the SteppIr
All GFP extracted as long as possible First connection of all GFP
GFP's not all of the same lenght Taping the GFP instead of glueing, Thats  The Big Quistion !!!!
PA2JJB taping the GFP's Stretching the tape to half of the widht
The four poles for the trombone All poles taped, garden still in wintersleep
GFP's need to be cut to 213"or 541cm; Tape it first B4 cut it with the saw !!! Right tools for the right cut
The first cutoff 4 Different lenghts
Finishing touch with very fine sandpaper All GFP's 213"  or 541cm
Need these more tape or shrinking sleeves??? It was a very nice day tot assemble the SteppIr (05-03-11)
Testing if the CPVC's fit well in the GFP's Fits both very nice !!
As you can see: the divertcone fits perfect in the GFP Attaching the loop for testing: looks OK though
Closer view of the loop The boom and steppermotors readuy for the GFK's. XYL testing the length hi hi   Back to Menu
GFP's of the director in the EHU QDB's installed for testing
Two waterproof inlets for my connectionbox I kit all the bolts for security

                          Mark the QDB's for easyer assembling in the mast             Back to Menu

                                          The blue PVC-tape and adhesive griptape         

Mark the poles for the blue and griptape griptape and PVC-tape in place
Just trying out Aligning up the GFP's
Its very difficult to push it in the loop (take care) 213" or 541cm are very long poles hi
Thought this was wrong but a second time was also very difficult tp press it together Can't press enough with the bolts (need some new ones with normal heads)
We'll enough for today; tomorrow is another day Making place in my garden for the second one ; is this a BigSteppIr hi hi ???
Using two srewdrivers to open it enough This must do it
The XYL and I must push very hard to get it in Both couplers did well, but very open !!!
Save your fingertips, use a small blade of a screwdriver Put in the eyebolts, but for the draconrope it must not already be installed
Thigten the screws, bit by bit, and the coupler will be neat closing

                                My XYL her passion and hobby: painting and ceramic         Back to Menu

Seems the birds find my SteppIr already hi hi How to loop the dracon-rope trough the SSring
Each end at his side Pull it very hard to make a tight knot
How to connect the dracon-rope to the 4 eyebolts Taped the coupler to prevent any moisture
The wires ready to be connected This must give the trombone his strenght
The truss support placed on the boom It's a long way to the end off the trombone hi hi
Really nice antenna-weather today 110311 The end still supported by the table
Turnout the turnbuckle to his full length as possible Trust-saddles in the middle between EHU and ERT; I marked it 
11,88M Lenght of the trombone One half off the dipole connected to the trust
Another view The other side of the trombone   Back to Menu
Rotor waiting for his SteppIr The trombone in perfect balance
Enough for today Make at both sides a extra turnbucle 
With this system I can easily disconnect the dracon-rope and disconnect the EHT's Perfect inline both dracon-ropes
Crimp the eye off the turnbuckle in a vice, so that it can't come out      Back to Menu Wooden mast with pulley to lift the SteppIr "easily"
Wooden mast connected to my cranck-up mast with 4 ties Rainy sundaymorning; will it be dry inside the SteppIr
Raindrops outside; dry inside by the tapes and tyribs

                           Checking the connectionbox for moisture; but its dry !!                 Back to Menu

Is he also waiting for the SteppIr; need a owl on the top to keep them off CVPC ready to go in the EHT 
Easily disconnecting the trombone Alle EHT connected for the first time
All in balance by the trust  Controlcable and coaxcable temporily connected for the analyser-test
Analyser-picture from 1 - 180 MHz with elements complete retracted  Analyser-setup with the miniVNA
First test on 20M A analyser is a MUST for every serious antenna-experimenter
SteppIR 40M SWR-Curve at groundlevel SteppIR 30M SWR-Curve at groundlevel
SteppIR 20M SWR-Curve at groundlevel SteppIR 20M 180dg SWR-Curve at groundlevel
SteppIR 20MBi SWR-Curve at groundlevel SteppIR 17M SWR-Curve at groundlevel
SteppIR 15M SWR-Curve at groundlevel SteppIR 12M SWR-Curve at groundlevel
SteppIR 10M SWR-Curve at groundlevel

                                           SteppIR 6M SWR-Curve at groundlevel                Back to Menu

 A nice fridaymorning 110318: disconnected the EHT's  Both trust-cords also disconnected 
Boom with steppermotors ready to place on the mast It was easy to put it in my rotator; 1st director-EHT placed
This was the most difficult part; turning the boom and locking the nuts !!!  2nd director-EHT placed: peace of cake
Trombones and directors placed and now in perfect balance Is'nt a beauty ?
 PA2JJB connecting the control-cable for the steppers

                   Use some siliconengrease for making the connectionbox watertight      Back to Menu

All elements retracted on a height of 6M This picture you must see when all the elements are fully retracted
SteppIR 6M SWR-Curve at 6M SteppIR 10M SWR-Curve at 6M
SteppIR 12M SWR-Curve at 6M  SteppIR 15M SWR-Curve at 6M
 SteppIR 17M Normal SWR-Curve at 6M  SteppIR 17M 180 degrees SWR-Curve at 6M
 SteppIR 17M BIDir SWR-Curve at 6M   SteppIR 20M SWR-Curve at 6M
  SteppIR 30M SWR-Curve at 6M

                                                      SteppIR 40M SWR-Curve at 6M                                  Back to Menu

 Another nice painting of my XYL: "The Slufter" on Texel-Island Coax and control-cable connected

The "Autotrack"works marvelous !!

It is a hugh antenna, also from a distance The vieuw of the neighbours behind us
A look from the side in another street    

                          AlphaSpid-rotor-control and SD 100 controlled by the FT-950                 Back to Menu

SteppIR 6M SWR-Curve at 12.5M SteppIR 10M SWR-Curve at 12.5M
SteppIR 12M SWR-Curve at 12.5M SteppIR 15M SWR-Curve at 12.5M
SteppIR 17M SWR-Curve at 12.5M SteppIR 20M SWR-Curve at 12.5M
SteppIR 30M SWR-Curve at 12.5M           

                                              SteppIR 40M SWR-Curve at 12.5M         Back to Menu 

                                             Stations I worked with this antenna the 1st week

                                                               What I hear, I can work !!!


UTC Freq Mode Call TXRST RXRST Power Remarks
18-3-11 15:10 20 CW II6ICA 599 599 5 Dom nr Acona
19-3-11 07:42 17 CW SV1HAG 599 589 20 Giannis Athens
12:24 15 SSB PS2T 59 59 50 Contest
13:38 40 SSB G0UZL 59 59 50 Chris - Dorset
21-3-11 18:21 20 CW W2BXA 599 579 20
18:42 20 CW WA2QQF 579 579 20 John - NY
20:24 40 CW RD4AAA 539 559 40 Alex
23-3-11 17:50 10 SSB LU8EEA 59 59 60 Rubert
17:52 10 SSB LU9FFZ 57 59 60 George - Roasario
18:31 12 CW EA9ARY 599 599 20 Joe
19:50 20 SSB K9ARZ 59 56 60 Larry - Chicago
20:09 17 SSB FP/N9JZP 59 59 80 St. Pierre & Micheleon
20:18  17 SSB KC9KE 55 58 80 Jim - Holland
20:27 17 SSB K2DUX 59 59 80 Paul - Long Island NA026
24-3-11 15:37 15 CW K8CW 599 599 50 Fred - Ohio
15:50 15 CW W6LFB 559 569 50 Jim - Denton - TX
15:59 15 CW K4DY 539 569 50 Les - NC
16:29 17 SSB K8CW 579 579 50 Fred  - Ohio
16:32 17 SSB K6YRA 59 58 75 Allan Encino - CA
18:54 20 SSB W0XG 59 59 75 Eric Minneoapolis - MIN
25-3-11 09:54 17 CW SV1AOW 599 599 60 Geo - Marathon
12:20 17 CW K4UX 569 569 60 Al - VA
14:29 17 SSB RX6AM 59 59 75 Mike Novo
14:31 15 SSB TG9IGI 59 59 100 Guatamala - City
15:21 15 SSB 5R8XB 57 57 100 Marco - Madagascar QSL via ON8MB
16:04 15 SSB VA3WU 57 57 100 Rick - Niagara Falls
26-3-11 09:44 17 SSB UR5EEZ 59 59 70 Vitaly
12:14 17 SSB K1GUN 59 59 100 John
12:17  17  CW CO8LY 599 599 75 Cuba
12:36 17 CW N5PST 559 559 70 Gary - TX
12:52 17 CW K3EL 599 569 70 Dave - NJ
12:58 17 CW RD3AV 599 599 70 Vic - Moscow
13:09 17 CW W9HA 579 579 70 Steve - Ill.
20:52 20 CW HK1X 59 59 100 Contest
   Back to Menu
I warn you:  This antenna will cost you lots of QSL-Cards hi hi.....

                                               After 1,5 months working with the SteppIr              Back to Menu

My friend the owl My friend the owl protecting the rubber tape off the antenna
I added a homemade 6M passive element

                                                                        The SteppIr on 13,5M                       Back to Menu

These are only empty tubes; and survived several of these storms                            For a better nightrest I've made a rope to guy the SteppIr to a rainpipe
Closeup-view of my rope-connection With a turnbuckle I tighten the rope

                                A neat and very clean sky and garden; the antennas covering 80 - 6M               Back to Menu

One of the nice paintings of my XYL
Enjoy the other hobby of my XYL: Ceramics You can see them  on Texel-Island: Galery 56
Birds on wood 

                                                                       The 3 sisters    Back to Menu